Voyage dans les glaces

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Photographs de Philippe Bourseiller
Texts by Janot Lamberton
24,7cm x 31 cm
200 pages
Editions de la Martinière, 2002, Out of stock.

Available in German (Delius editions “In den Gletschern Grönlands”)

On the edge of the Arctic Ocean, Greenland is almost totally covered by a huge glacial icecap. Fascinated by this exceptional country, Janot Lamberton, the world record-holder for descending into ice, has organized expeditions combining physical prowess with scientific research since 1989.

For more than 10 years, Philippe Bourseiller has accompanied Janot Lamerton on his expeditions into the search of glacial pole-holes, huge wells carved out of the glacial icecap. From these travels into the heart of ice, in the center of the earth of magical unexplored places, he has brought back astonishing photographs, testimonies to a great human, and scientific, adventure.
Enriched with texts written by Janot Lamberton, Alain Couté – a phycologist (scientist specialized in algae), and Luc Moreau, a glaciologist, this work will help all readers understand what is at stake for scientific research and how the explorers conduct their daily life.