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Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Texts by Jacques Durieux
37 cm x 29,5 cm
417 pages
Abrams Editions 

Also available in German (édition Géo “Vulkane), in Spanish (éditions Lunwerg “Los Volcanes y los Hombres”), in Italian (édition White Star “Uomini & Vulcani”) in French (Editions de la Martinière, 2001), Out of stock. 

Testimonies to a world in creation, volcanoes have long been the subject of beliefs and superstitions.
Expressions of the wrath of the gods for some civilizations, worshipped as a source of life and sign of divine clemency for others — such as in Indonesia, volcanoes have been a part of Man’s history since he took his first steps.
A sound and light show of Nature in perpetual movement and rebirth, volcanic activity is of primary importance to scientists. Even though volcanoes no longer cause as many deaths as they did in the past, they remain a threat to many populations.
For over than ten years, Philippe Bourseiller has traveled across the planet to all the major volcanic sites. These photographs tell a story which began with the origins of the world.