Volcanoes, journey to the crater’s edge

12 Euros
Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Narratives by Hélène Montardre
Illustrations by David Giraudon
31 cm x 25 cm
80 pages
Binded cardboard 
Abrams Editions 

Also available in Dutch  (édition Lannoo “Vulkanen”), in Danish (édition Forlaget Jorden “Vukaner”) in French (Editions de la Martinière Jeunesse, 2002), Out of stock.

Over thirty of Philippe Bourseiller’s most beautiful photographs have been chosen to illustrate several topics: the birth of volcanoes, the power of their eruptions, dangers and safety precautions, the beauty and strangeness of natural volcanic sites, plants and animals in the world of volcanoes, volcanologists and scientific research, mankind and beliefs.
This work presents a clear and simple text with magnificent drawings to accompany the photographs.