Stephan Peyron, Objectif Pôle livre Philippe Bourseiller

Stephan Peyron, Objectif Pôle

Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Texts by Alain Gillot
27 cm x 25,5 cm
96 pages
Edition n°1, 1989, Out of stock.

In 1988, Stephan Peyron dared to do the unbelievable: reach the magnetic North Pole on a standard windsurf board during the most dangerous and spectacular time of the year – when the ice breaks up. Philippe Bourseiller followed Stephan’s expedition and his spectacular photographs allow us to discover the ice floes, the currents, the fog, and the winds that are never ending.
At each moment, dangers must be foreseen and all the strength a human possesses is put to the test. But the polar circle is also the walruses and polar bears playing under a permanently sunny sky – the myth of the end of the world and the beginning of true freedom.