My Planet, 19 activities to understand our Planet

14,90 Euros
Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Texts de Sally Zalewski
18cm x 26 cm
128 pages
Editions De La Martinière Jeunesse, 2008.

Aimed at helping children understand how our planet functions through simple experiments. Discover the secrets of each natural environment: from the ice floes to the savannah, but also climactic phenomena. Here are 19 activities to be carried out at home.
– Make your own gel to understand how the ice is formed.
– Harvest of rain water, so important for humans, and test its purity.
– Save the trees by making recycled paper.
– Forecast tomorrow’s weather thanks to your homemade barometer…
Illustrated with some of the most striking photographs by Philippe Bourseiller and explained by Sally Zalewski, PhD in ecology and collaborator to the WWF.
The book has just won the Grand Prize for Literature schools.