Ma Planète Mer, 19 activités pour découvrir le monde marin

14.90 Euros
Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Texts Sally Zalewski
18 cm x 26 cm
128 pages
Editions De La Martiniere Jeunesse, 2010.

19 simple experiments to understand, explain and explore the marine environment. For 9 years of age and up. What happens when an oil spill it covers the beaches? Dive into this book and you will understand: it’s easy just by pouring oil into a glass of water …
Here are 19 activities to carry out at home and discover the sea and its resources:
– Make your ice boat float,
– Create a slide show to look at algae against the light,
– Make a mobile of the food chain …

Throughout the pages, you will discover the seas and oceans, and you’ll learn to know all the fish and mammals that inhabit the watery depths of the planet, through the activities proposed by Sally Zalewski. The photographs of Philip Bourseiller will also show the fragility of the Big Blue and the increasing threats that weigh upon her.