Les Grands Espaces : Voyage à travers les Parcs Américains

54 Euros
Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Texts by Roger Cans, Jean Francois Chaix, Gary Ferguson,
Legends by Anne Jankéliowitch
28.5 cm x 36.5 cm
384 pages
Editions de la Martiniere, 2006.

After the volcanoes, the poles and the Sahara, Philippe Bourseiller now turns his lens towards the great American parks. For a whole year, he crossed the United States, traveled the country to and fro, from the National State Parks, Mount St. Helen to Niagara Falls through Death Valley and Yellowstone. Here is a sumptuous journey into the heart of America in vibrant and unexpected colors, far from the urban expanses, an America where wilderness is omnipresent. The photographer invites you to explore the diversity and ecological wealth of this country, from the ice of Alaska to the lavas of Hawaii. Images taken from the ground or air, in detail or in broad terms, through the seasons, Philippe Bourseiller offers more than a simple tourist guide, but a real walk into the heart of the United States.