Gauchos de Patagonie

35 Euros
Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller
Text by Jean-François Chaix
25,7cm x 31,7 cm
133 pages
Editions de la Martinière, 2003, Out of stock.

Available in German (édition Delius “Patagonien”), in Spanish (édition Larivière “Gauchos de Patagonia”)

Patagonia, land of exile for gauchos, these solitary, nomad riders whose life is set to the beat of stock breeding and wool trading, the seasons, and the weather.

Traveling the wide open spaces of South America and visiting the estancias which dot them, Philippe Bourseiller draws the portrait of these men with great sensitivity, showing them fighting to maintain a unique way of life, with its ancestral traditions, on a land where Nature reigns. Open plains as far as the eye can see and thick forests – Patagonia, a land of excess.
The photographer pays tribute to this little-known land and its fascinating inhabitants.