Book Apocalypse Snow

Apocalypse Snow

Photographs by Philippe Bourseiller, Frédéric Gaimard and Maurice Poulain
Texts by Claudie Blanc
32 cm x 24 cm
118 pages
Edition E.P.A sport, 1987, Out of stock.

Like a signature on a blank page, the skier’s tracks reveal his movement and his spirit. Without modesty, the tracks are a testimony to the intense and furtive feeling of sliding. Smooth or bumpy. Fast or slow. Cutting or skidding. These innumerable variations on movement are the author’s expression of the emotions being experienced. First book to cover the experience of sliding on snow, the 120 richly illustrated pages of “Apocalypse Snow” gives frozen images of the perfect gesture that leads from emotion to ecstasy, from the world of men to the universe of gods.